El Torcal and wolf park

If you want to get to know an authentic place that is really worth a visit, Antequera is definitely recommended. The historical heritage in Antequera is impressive. It even goes back to the Bronze Age. The remains – huge dolmen – have been declared UNESCO Heritage on 15 July 2016.

They are the greatest dolmen that still exist in Europe. They are located just outside the town and offer you the chance to visit a burial mound from around 3000 BC! In the landscape around Antequera is the rock that is called the Peña de los Enamorados. This limestone ‘rock of lovers’ of 880 meters belongs to the UNESCO-recognized geological complex of the dolmen and is even connected with its origins. The Torcal natural park is also part of it.

The name ‘de los Enamorados’ comes from a romantic legend about a Moorish girl who fell in love with a Christian slave. Together they collapsed from this high rock when they were chased by Moorish soldiers after they had released him from prison. Another name for this rock is ‘Montaña del Indio’, because you can see the face of an Indian in it horizontally.

Natural park El Torcal

A visit to Antequera can be combined with a walk in the natural park El Torcal, barely 13 kilometers south of Antequera. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive geological natural parks of Andalusia, thanks to spectacular limestone formations.

It seems that you suddenly arrive in Prehistory, isolated from the rest of the world. Lovers of flora & fauna can indulge in the 30 species of wild orchids, the native plant species (the herbs smell delicious) reptiles and amphibians and the many birds. For adventurers, you can enjoy climbing and discovering. Fun game to play with the children is to let them see which animals and plants they discover about what they have learned in the visitor center museum. Not just fun for the kids!

The wolf park

At a short distance from El Torcal you can also meet wolves in the Lobo Park. Discover in Lobo Park (Wolf Park) an unspoilt nature and ‘wildlife’ in the heart of Andalusia. You can experience ‘an eye-to-eye with a wolf ‘ for the first time in your life. It is home to 3 different wolf species. (European, Alaskan Tundra and native Iberian wolves)

Unlike many other parks, they have not tamed the wolves. They are socialized so that enough of their inner fear of people has been removed.