Want to experience a flamenco show in Malaga?

Song, dance, music, passion, guitars and emotion…
It is not clear at all, but it is assumed that it was the gypsies who took this mix of music, singing and dancing to Andalusia. Over the centuries flamenco developed into its current forms.

The flamenco is powerful, expressive, temperamental and inseparable from the Spanish culture. By performing the flamenco, the artists express intense feelings of sadness, despair or happiness and you are easily carried away in the emotions. You can visit a show in many places in Málaga. There are both big and small shows and it also happens that a guitar is spontaneously taken out in a bar.


One of the most special Flamenco shows you can attend in Málaga is performed at Kelipé during the weekend.
Singing, dancing and guitar music take you into the world of Spanish flamenco. These authentic shows in an informal setting are uniq. They take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 21.00 to 22.30

Price incl. 2 drinks

  • Children up to 11 y: € 5.00
  • Teenagers 12 y to 18 y: € 18.00
  • Adults: € 24.20

Book ahead via the website: WWW.KELIPE.NET
Address: Calle Muro de Puerta Nueva 10