In Granada you can impossible escape from two things: Alhambra and many students. Both determine the character of this vibrant city. From anywhere in the city, shine the Royal Palaces of Alhambra, high against the snowy hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, enclosed between the rivers Darro and the Genil. From the small 300,000 inhabitants there are  60,000 students. The image of Granada as a city with a vibrant nightlife is due to this. Terms of size, Granada is the fourth largest city  Andalusia but what pub density is concerned Granada top. The contrast between young and old ensures that you can enjoy this city in many ways.

Take a look at the old Cathedral, Capilla Real, the old Arab baths and of course the medieval fortress Alhambra that proudly adorns the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1984.

What to do in Granada:

  • Visit the unique Moorish architecture in Alhambra, the Cathedral and the Capilla Real, or walk through the narrow streets of the Albayzin district.
  • Discover the tapas culture of Granada and enjoy a free tapas with your drink!
  • Don’t forget the mystical flamenco in the caves of the Sacromonte district.
  • Visit one of the leading museums: Museum of Fine Arts (Palacio de Carlos V), Archaeological Museum (Carrera del Darro 41), Cave Museum (Barranco de los Negros).


You can’t forget to see the Alhambra, the main attraction of Granada. This Moorish Palaces shines on the hill at the center of the city. It is a unique blend of Islamic, renaissance and romantic styles. The area is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list therefore there are strict access rules.


Several parts of Alhambra you can visit without tickets but for the royal palaces you need a special ticket. Each day they only give 6,500 tickets, only a third of it is sold at the ticket office at the entrance. If you want to be sure of your visit we recommend to reserve your cards in advance. This is possible from 3 months before the actual visit.

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