The treasure caves

Rincón de la Victoria

La Cueva del Tesoro is the only marina cave in Europe. Here they discovered cave paintings of animals, pottery and objects belonging to the Neolithic flint lithic industry. This cave is internationally known for an ancient oral and written tradition that reflects the existence of a hidden treasure for Ali Ibn Tasufin emperor in the twelfth century.

Location: Urbanizacion Cantal Alto, s/n – Rincon de la Victoria, Exit 251 Cala del Moral

Cuevas de Nerja

This cave combines its own natural beauty with cave paintings. The cave is 4,283m long, but only a third of it – specifically, the area called the Low Galleries – can be visited. The importance of this cave rests on the fact that it has almost all known types of natural formations. In addition, it is easy for visitors to get in because of the width and great height of its chambers. The most remarkable of all chambers is the Cataclysm, where you can see the mark of a seismic movement that took place about 800 thousand years ago.

You can also contemplate cave paintings of animals in the Torca Chamber and symbolic and animal representations in the Chamber of Ghosts. In the first chamber, the Lobby, the visitor can see a display cabinet with human remains, ceramics and tools. In the Bethlehem Chamber is a burial from 6,300 BC. To see some fabulous views of stalactites and stalagmites in this cave, the best thing you can do is to visit the viewpoint in the Chamber of the Elephant’s Tusk.

There are guided tours, the duration is 45 minutes and includes a visit to different rooms such as Vestíbulo (Lobby), Belén, Cascada (Waterfall), Fantasmas (Ghosts) and Cataclismo (Cataclysm). No booking required.

Tip: you can make a virtual visit:

Location: From Málaga via Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7,  Exit 295, signed as “Cueva de Nerja” will drive us directly to the Caves.